Robust Second-Quarter Revenues This Season

In this edition of Value Reports, we rank companies by increased Revenues as reported in the most recent quarter.

We used the Economatica system to examine the 3-month Revenue numbers reported in the most recent results, and compared them to the same quarter 1 year ago. The table below generated by Economatica, ranks the largest companies by increase in quarterly revenues comparing Q2 2018 to Q2 2017.

Topping the list comes as no surprise, Amazon, the online retailer, which increased revenues by 14.9B in the quarter (vs same quarter 2017), followed by the second place holder, Exxon Mobil, which increased quarter revenues by 12.7B (vs same quarter 2017). Following in third place is Chevron, increasing quarter revenues by 9.4B (vs same quarter 2017). In percentage terms, these top 3 players came in at 39%, 21% and 28% respectively, quarter sales growth over the same period last year.

Economatica financial statements

Taking a closer look at the top 5 players, the chart below highlights the impressive quarterly revenues of Amazon, Exxon Mobil, Chevron Corp, Valero Energy, and Apple over the last 4 quarters.

economatica net revenus quarterly

For further insight into these 25 firms, please review the performance table below.

Economatica Princing

Economatica is an online investment research platform designed to facilitate deep fundamental and quantitative analysis. Asset managers, analysts, and other investment professionals have used Economatica for more than 30 years to research securities, identify opportunities, and make better investment decisions. To learn more please contact us.

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